Hello, I’m Rita!

I live in Nampa, Idaho and am the mother of 6 children, and wife to a wonderful husband. We live on several acres and are able to enjoy our many animals.

I’ve been a photographer for 11 years, and a registered nurse for 19 years. In speaking with my older adult patients, I noticed how so many of them spoke of not having been photographed in years- often decades. It seemed like such a tragedy to me, as they told me some of the amazing stories of their lives. I began photographing my older adult patients as part of my nursing job for use in their electronic medical records, and then moved onto printing the photos for the patients to share with their friends and families. I realized quickly how valuable these precious keepsakes became, not only to them, but to their loved ones as well.

Several years ago I dreamt of my grandmother, who had long since passed away, and in my dream noticed the details in her face and curl in her hair that I had long forgotten. I awoke from my dream wishing that I had a photograph to remind me of what I had seen in my dream. None of the photos we had of her captured the tender details that made her so lovely to me.

My goal, with each subject, is to capture the unique essence of your loved one that makes them so precious to you. My goal is to help bring dignity to the older adults in our lives through photography- to remind them of the wonderful legacy they’ve built, and the love people have for them.

I’d love to help you capture the essence of your loved one, and help create a lasting memory that will be treasured for generations to come.